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    Okay, let's talk about setting goals. On second thought let's
    talk about something else. Anything else!  Setting goals is
    the most boring subject anyone could ever imagine.  Listening
    to grass grow is more enjoyable. Or watching paint dry.

    Let's face it. The only people who set goals or create business
    plans are those losers at places like IBM or Microsoft. What
    the heck do they know? They just like to waste time by making
    their silly production schedules. They're even into writing out
    timelines for their promotion campaigns. What's that all about?

    But here's the real kicker. These hotshot outfits use something
    they call Management By Objective, or MBO for short (who would
    have guessed?). This cute little strategy is so simple that just
    about anyone can use it. Even beginning marketers can use it,
    have mercy! It's so easy - child's play. Here's what you do.

    Take a blank sheet of paper. Draw two lines down the page,
    splitting it into three sections. In the left hand section write
    the word "objective" at the top. In the middle section write
    "method" at the top. In the right section write "date." <Yawn>

    Okay, now it's time to have some fun. Let's fill up the whole
    silly sheet of paper. (tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick
    tock) Time's up. Let see what you have.

    Objective - You will study the Members area at Empowerism.
    Method - You will read and make notes.
    Date - You will do this one hour per day until finished.

    Objective - You will enroll 3 paid subscribers to Empowerism.
    Method - You will use the safe lists and other methods provided.
    Date - You will accomplish this in 30 days.

    Objective - You will lose 5 pounds for the coming season.
    Method - You will exercise 20 minutes per day, cut down on your
    intake of processed sugar, and avoid fast food like the plague.
    Date - You will accomplish this in 30 days.

    Keep filling in your page with the things that you want to
    accomplish. Don't stress out on this MBO, just do it 'cause
    it's fun. It's not anything like setting goals, not even close.
    Setting goals is what everybody doesn't like to do, except
    those slackers over at IBM and Microsoft.

    Now, is it any wonder that the government is always on their
    case because they are so successful? Plus, they are big goal
    setters who use MBOs. Talk about people who don't play fair!
    These companies should be broken up. They are too successful
    and they set too many goals. How boring can you get?

    "If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up
    someplace else."  - Yogi Berra

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    Others have tried it. Empowerism has perfected it...
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    Here Are the Facts:
    If you aren't using an automated system to build your business,
    you are never going to reach your potential.

    An automated system is much MORE than just handing you an auto-responder or two
    or twenty and wishing you luck.

    Massive Turnkey Database Marketing is what the Internet Marketing world has been building up to for almost a decade. Database Marketing is how the Big Boys afford their expensive toys.

    Empowerism has once again stepped forward as the leader in NetMarketing
    Success by bringing Massive Turnkey Database Marketing toYOU

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